RUST Raid Pager will help you sleep less and play more!
Waking up to your broken down and raided base? Wondering if your traps caught someone? Did you ever log in to your favourite server just to find your base halfway decayed? Tell no more... RRP will wake you up from your wet dreams! RRP can notify you by sending a message to your smartphone, noticifactions include: Raid Alerts, Trap Alerts, Decay Alerts and more...

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Do you own a RUST server?
Do you own a rust server? Scroll down on how to set RRP up and check out how you can advertise and promote your server instantly!
In order to use RRP installing an App on your Android device is required.
You also need to atleast sign in with Steam once and pair your device to your account.
You can download it below or by searching for 'RUST Raid Pager' in the Play Store.
An App for iOS is not yet planned!
Prevent your players from sleeping and get them on your server!

So you own a RUST server, what now?

RRP is a umod(formerly oxide) plugin, drop it in the appropriate folder on your server,
run a single command in your console and you're done! You are not limited to just one server,
you can create as many as you want and customize each message and server aswell.

RRP is for free but has a daily limit on notifications your server can send out.
This is not just to improve service reliability but also to not ruin the competition.
After two months of testing, there are about 4 notifications sent to a player per hour.
This number grows exponentially with the amount of players a server has... more offline raids, sleepers and so on.

Features FREE Regular Community Network
Recommendation 10 Players 20 Players 50 Players 50+ Players
Notification Limit 250/day 2000/day 5000/day ∞/day
Monthly Cost / Server FREE 2.49 4.49 9.49

If you're interested in any other rate that would more fit your needs just contact us via Discord

Populate your Server with RRPs help!
With this big of a reach we can also help you, as a server owner ,to get more people attracted to your server. Reach hundreds of players without signing up on each and every forum or website to post your server onto,
instead of all this hassle send a personalized notification to each and every player we have in our database with in a button click!
One Time Notification - 8.99
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Five Pack Notification - 34.99
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